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One, two, three~~ Oh my goodness!! This... This is magnificent in every way possible..!! Capaldi would be impressed with this drawing. ...

One word: Wow. This chibi drawing looks great overall. I have noticed a couple of small mistakes, such as the drawing of the legs and t...

First off, this looks very realistic, like it's straight from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. Your technique is very spot on, I ...

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Mature content
Township of Reinharley :iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 3 0
Mature content
Starry's Musings :iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 19 0
Battle of Reinharley pt. 3
As myself and my troops came into the northwestern part of the town, we were mightily met with former knights and thieves. "Why must you bother us during this time of peril, Eriella?!" boomed one knight. Ella and I were shocked when he called out. We thought that this would be a peaceful mop up of the area, but we were about to be proven wrong, and soon. "Geez, Franklin," Ella pondered. "Maybe when you WERE a knight of the high courts, you would had shown some respect to me. I guess those 6 years were a complete waste of time then. Hmph..!" As she turned her back on Franklin, he seized the opportunity to jump down from his perch, and drawn his sword, in which he pointed it towards me. "Well, well, well.. Looks like Captain Rolandes has came to your.. Ahem... Rescue, Eriella. Haha. Such pitiful defense for one like you, young lady. Perhaps I should show Rolandes a thing or two about knighthood." I had to jump back from his strong swing, only for him to lunge forward, and catch me off gu
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 39 0
Battle of Reinharley pt. 2
Eriella and I were eating lunch in the lounge area of the Pub, in which Alexissa was coming towards our direction. "Ella!! Rolandes!!" shouted Alexissa. "Mr. Noelhenley wants you to meet up at the Central Square asap!!" Eriella and I looked at each other, wondering of what Mr. Noelhenley wanted from the both of us. "We better go, Rolandes... It's best for not keeping him wait for long... Especially when Alexissa came to us on short notice..." We gathered our things, and followed Alexissa on out the door. We also stopped by the local shop to inform a fellow comrade, Tienly, about what Mr. Noelhenley wanted us to do. "Ahh... Bad timin', all three of ya?" asked Tienly. Alexissa quickly nodded her head. All four of us rushed over to the Central Square, where Mr. Noelhenley was waiting impatiently. "It looks like we have a situation brewing over at the Northwestern Sector, according to our scout, Alexissa. If it's what I think it is, we will be needing to be fully prepared for the worse. Ga
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 15 0
Battle of Reinharley
"Why must you ask me?", he asked. It was something that was on the back of my mind for the past few weeks. I felt like I needed to know, but yet, he wasn't willing to answer right away. "You know... You're starting to get on my nerves, Rolandes." I had to giggle slightly at his remark, in which his face turned red. "Haha... I'm sorry for that, Siruies. I didn't mean to get you upset with that question. I thought you had an answer this time around." Rolandes Joahansen is my name, yet again, I didn't particularly care for my last name. My mentor and teacher, Siruies Noelhenley, seems strict to his students, especially the trouble makers, yet he had taken a likely to one such as myself and my best friend, Eriella Remsey, whom I met a few years back. "Mr. Noelhenley! Sorry to pester you, Sire... But, there's a situation brewing off the northwestern sector!", screamed Alexissa. "What?!! Freakin' bastards again!!", yelled Siruies. "Gather your comrades, and meet me over by the Town Square in
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 7 0
And away I go...
Here I am, heading into the future... As I was going through the Historia Crux, I kind of felt something trying to tug on my leg. Of course, my first instinct was to fight off the intruder, however, it seemed too tough to fight at the present time, as time was passing me by at an incredible rate. Before I had the chance to recover and blink, there I was, standing in a new world, by myself, but only for a second, as a young lady, about 23 years old, stood in front of me. "Hi! I am Alyssa, a new recruit of the Academy. You must be Albert, right?" I looked at Alyssa in surprise, thinking of how she knew me, and I just made it into the new world, known as the Bresha Ruins. Obviously, I had to look around, so I calmly excused myself from Alyssa, and walked towards the west. It was raining, in which I haven't felt on my skin in the last 7 years.. Then again, that would be 12 years into the future, 12 years after the fall of Cocoon... The same Cocoon that Fang and Vanille saved...
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 6 0
happy16thbirthdayDA by StarryFire89 happy16thbirthdayDA :iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 69 0
The Future Starts Now
Into the great unknown... May seem easier said than done... I felt like I was next to the Time Gate, but I wasn't. I was about 10 stories above it, knowing that trouble was coming, with Caius along side. I quickly said my good byes to Light, because we weren't sure if and when we'll see each other again. I was about to be sent 13 years into the future, the future that I will be fighting to preserve. "One last look up to Etro's Gate..." I thought to myself. I sensed that someone was going to come through the Gate at most any second now, so I looked down to the Time Gate, which seemed close, yet so far away... I knew who was going to come through Etro's Gate, and having the feeling that I was going to meet him eventually. I took a real big breath, and jumped off the ledge, diving for the Time Gate at an incredible speed and rate, that I almost felt that I was going to crash into it. Then a big burst of light engulfed me... What seemed an eternity, I finally opened my eyes. I was floating
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 12 0
Off to the Future
Finding answers fast, because I'm going to need them... That seemed to be my main objective before I get sent through time to help save the world from the Chaos. Knowing where I was, I literally ran over to find Light, because I knew that she had a few answers for me. "Light!" I yelled out. She quickly turned her body around, facing me when she heard me. "Albert... Why are you doing here in Valhalla? You do know that it's dangerous here.." I nodded in agreement of the impending danger that was to come. "Light... I know of what's about to happen to the world. The Chaos." I pointed up to Etro's Gate, and there seemed to be someone coming through. "Noel Kreiss... I know you from my dreams...," Light softly said. She pulled out her sword and a crystal that seemed really familiar to me. Yes, Light, Serah, Snow, Sazh, Vanille, Fang, and myself... We were all l'Cie at one point, given the task to save Cocoon from ultimate destruction. "Odin!" Odin appeared from its crystal form with a simple
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 3 0
Crash Landing into Pulse
Caius Ballad... I stood near the balcony for a minute, thinking about those words that had echoed in my mind. Goddess Etro... I knew that Light was sent out here to Valhalla to prevent the catastrophe that Caius wanted to do. Then again, I found myself wondering why he wanted to do such a thing. By releasing the Chaos, time would cease to a stop, no more aging, yet, people would still perish under normal circumstances, such as illnesses and what-not. I looked up into the sky once again to get a good look at Etro's Gate. I felt something was off, so I set out to find my comrade, Light. I found her after about 10 minutes of searching, it seemed like, but I knew that time did not flow in Valhalla. My mind flashed back to after the battle against Eden, when Cocoon was coming, about to crash into Gran Pulse, when Fang and Vanille sacrificed themselves to protect Cocoon, but knowing that their crystal pillar would start to crumble in exactly 500 years, to the point where Cocoon would actuall
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 4 0
Keyblade Chronicles
It was about 10 years after the great war... I found myself at the Keyblade Graveyard, thinking about all of the welders who had fallen in battle. I was just granted "Master" status due to my heroics during the time of the Grand Darkness. However, I felt powerless. I lost a friend who was fighting along side me. Something like that could hit anybody just as hard as it did to me. Of course, my girlfriend Brittany, was still in-training during that dark time. "Keyblade wielder... Are you there?" A voice echoed out. "You may come forward now," I called out. It was one of my closest allies, Sami. I pointed out to her all the Keyblades here at the Graveyard. "We can only hope that this does not happen again... So many lives lost due to the War..." I told her. I held out my hand to the side to create a portal that led us back to Historia Town. "Brittany is waiting for you, Master Albert," Sami pointed out. I nodded my head slowly. Today was her test to become a Keyblade master like myself. I
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 30 0
Halls of Valhalla - FFXIII-2 Fan Fiction
As I walked along the halls of Valhalla, there was something I noticed right away. Shortly down the hall, there was someone standing near the balcony, donned in goddess warrior clothing. I thought to myself, "Light?" I wanted to run to her, as I haven't seen her in a good 3 years since the near destruction of Cocoon, however, it was saved by the ultimate sacrifice of Vanille and Fang by creating a crystal pillar. Then again, the crystal pillar that was created by those two would start to crumble exactly 500 years from that day, creating a massive chain of releasing the very fabric that we were fighting to prevent, Chaos. If the Chaos gets released into our own world, time would cease to be, no aging of people, however... I looked up to the sky for a quick second to get a good glimpse of Etro's Gate. There was a story that I kind of believed in, that actually echoed in my mind: "If the Heart of the Goddess were to die, then the great Chaos will be released into the world below. Etro's G
:iconstarryfire89:StarryFire89 7 0


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One, two, three~~

Oh my goodness!! This... This is magnificent in every way possible..!! Capaldi would be impressed with this drawing. His hair, facial, and clothing are all spot on.

"I am Scottish. I am Scottish. I am Scottish!" I remember that line when his first episode came on, and it's like, I'm going to love him as the Doctor. He has portrayed as the Doctor perfectly during his time on Doctor Who.

One of the things that I like about him outside of Doctor Who is where he gave some words of encouragement for a person who has Autism, and that alone has made me love him that much more.

Overall, this is an awesome drawing, and I hope to see more like this!
Whoa! Getting up there!~ *does the happy Snoopy dance*~~
One word: Wow. This chibi drawing looks great overall.

I have noticed a couple of small mistakes, such as the drawing of the legs and the right hand, however, these are small mistakes, in which these things are common with these types of drawings/art pieces. I believe that the technique is spot-on, because of the effort you have put into this piece.

The hair itself, I simply love the blend from short to long, from blue to purple. It's a great transition, because one, like myself, can say, this shows the best of two worlds.

Overall, I would love to see more pieces like this. Keep up the great work!
First off, this looks very realistic, like it's straight from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. Your technique is very spot on, I couldn't find any other words to say than... Amazing.

Hair: Lumina's hair is perfect, the curls is spot on.

Clothing and accessories: Personal opinion: I, myself must say, there is nothing wrong with the clothing itself. Her feathers that she has plus the wing off of her left shoulder, this makes her look like what she is based off of, which is a younger version of Light (Lightning does go by Light in the games.)

Overall: I love this piece 110%. If I could give a higher rating, I would. A truly remarkable piece of art.

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Now that the troubles over in the Northwestern part of town were resolved, Eriella and I decided to head back into Reinharley, where we were greeted mightily by Mr. Noelhenley. "Great job, both of you! You were able to chase off Franklin without much bloodshed. But, what exactly did he want from us..?" Ella and I had to think about our answer for about a minute before Ella spoke up. "I guess that he was looking for me, Mr. Noelhenley. We used to be in the same squad, even though I graduated a year before him... I cannot quite say if it was intentional to actually run into him or not. However, our problems aren't over yet. Rolandes and I were able to make Franklin run off to the mountains for now, but he may come back again." Ella looked at me, and smiled. "I was able to protect her, Ella, from Franklin, Mr. Noelhenley," I said. "Hahaha!! You were always a great captain, Rolandes. Protecting those who you love and trust the most. Shit. If I had it my way, I would make you into a captain again in no time flat," Mr. Noelhenley pointed out. It was true. I hadn't been a captain in a good while, but the fact that I was one made me the perfect candidate to become one again, if I trained hard enough with the troops that I have. "I will definitely think about it, Mr. Noelhenley," I told him and Ella. Perhaps I could get that second chance after all.


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